About TE-webdesign

TE-webdesign began in early 2010 as an experiment in Joomla extension development. There comes a point in building a website when you want to do something beyond the capabilities of standard extensions. If you want to push through the boundaries you need to start altering and playing with the code itself. Where do you start when you don't know any php, html or css or understand the inner workings of Joomla. A good book and 3 months later Preachit vs 1 was completed and the rest, as they say, is history.

The purpose behind TE-webdesign is to resource, equip and support Christian ministry through the provision of quality Joomla extensions and services. This is achieved through the provision of key extensions as well as a custom work service where extensions can be created or tailored to individual needs. While we offer a free version of our sermon component, service, support and most downloads are offered through our 'Fulcrum Support' subscription scheme.

One more word on charges. If you are in a position where it is impossible to afford the cost of our service or support packages please contact us through the custom work form and we will look at how we can help.