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We are currently re-working our site and intend to bring in a public forum to replace our previous helpdesk. While we are doing this please submit any vital support requests through our questions and queries form. Please note that if you still have a valid Fulcrum Support subscription the helpdesk is still accessible.

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For those still with a valid 'Fulcrum Support' subscription this will give you access to our support services. Here you can get fast and effective answers to your problems and report any bugs that are causing problems.

Please note: The Ticket support is only open to those who have a valid support subscription.

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Need help in setting up or solving a problem? The best place to begin is the component documentation areas.

Each component has its own detailed documentation center. These include help with setting up the component and troubleshooting common issues that arise. There is also a detailed description of every form entry for the bigger components.

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