Preachit Future!!!

It’s with mixed feelings that I sit at my computer to type this press release. I’m excited about the future of Preachit and the announcement I’m about to make. Yet, at the same time a little emotional that after 8 years of coding and bringing Preachit to the place that it is, it is time for me to take a more back row seat.

Eight years ago, I was frustrated with the Joomla website that someone had built for our church and particularly the lack of functionality and attractiveness of the sermon manager component. I realised to resolve this I needed to learn how to code, learn how Joomla worked and understand things from a different perspective. To do this I brought a book and built a very simple sermon manager. Preachit was born. 

I put this fledgling component on the Joomla Extension Directory and was blown away by the interest and excitement it caused. That was Preachit 1.0. Now, 8 main releases and hundreds of minor releases later, it is used by thousands of churches all over the world, providing a feature rich, consistent and stable platform for their sermon libraries.

Last September I moved to a new church to be their pastor. The upshot of this is that I no longer have the time to provide the necessary support and development that Preachit and its users need. This has led to an exciting new opportunity which I believe will make Preachit even better.

Over the last few months I’ve been in conversation with Matt and Jason from a company called Greedbegone. They’ve agreed to take Preachit forward and are busy preparing for the transition at some point in early Autumn. 

Why Greedbegone and Matt & Jason? Here are the reasons why:

  • The way they do business. Matt and Jason have been clients of mine over the years so I’ve got to know them. They are godly and ethical business men with a heart for Jesus and to spread the gospel.
  • The vision they have for Preachit. They are passionate about Preachit and the tool that it is and can be for churches and organisations around the world. As well as keeping and developing a version on Joomla there is talk of a wordpress version and more.
  • The gifts they bring to the table. As well as being able to draw on people with coding skills, Matt & Jason have an eye for design and building elegant, attractive websites. I can’t wait to see the new themes that they bring out for Preachit.
  • The support they offer. Any software is only as good as the support that it comes with. Greedbegone knows how to do support and do it well.

What next? 

The transition is planned for early Autumn. This will mean a new site and base for Preachit as well as new support plans etc. We will migrate over all user accounts so there will be no need to re-register. While this is being worked through our site will remain open and the support forum will remain active.

Over the Summer, Matt & Jason will be sending out some email updates to let everyone know what is going on – with the usual unsubscribe links for those who don’t want to receive any more – and to fill you in on the plans they have.

I’ll still be hanging around, although in the background, and look forward to seeing how the component goes forward and working alongside Matt & Jason.