Preachit for free 'again'

This is just a quick announcement to let you know that we are phasing out our subscription pricing structure. My circumstances have changed and I am no longer in need of the extra income so it thrills me to be able to offer Preachit again for free.

Some quick questions:

  1. What does this mean? It means that with a free registration you can have access to our entire download area and, as we bring it in over the coming months, a new public forum for registered users.
  2. What does this mean for current subscribers? First off, thank you for taking our subscriptions and supporting the project over the years. You have all been such an encouragement. While you subscription is still valid you will maintain access to the helpdesk and the current level of support for the component. However, there will not be an option to renew the subscription when it expires as this will no longer be needed for downloading content from the website.
  3. What does this mean for Preachit? The only change is that we will be discontinuing with Preachit Lite as there is no longer a need for a free version of the component. Preachit and Melody will be maintained and the Preachit Frontend Admin component will be continued.

We are currently working this change through the site so if you notice anything that is misbehaving please do let me know. We're post another announcement when we've got a forum up and running.