Melody 2.1 released

We're really excited to announce today the release of Melody 2.1 stable as well as compatible versions of our templates and extensions. Like Preachit 4.1, Melody 2.1 marks a real move forward in flexibility and power while maintaining the simplicity of the component.

This version of Melody is the quickest and most powerful version yet. There are some cool added features such as the ability to write ID3 tags and fuller integration with Amazon S3 around the world. There are also some styling differences. However, the main changes are under the hood in opening up the power of the Melody engine to developers of templates and other extensions that want to harness the song data held in Melody.


Melody 2.1 has a new api that can be accessed from inside and outside of the component. With a couple of lines of code you can be linked into the full power of the Melody engine and pull out all the details without having to write any sql queries. This should give greater scope for developers who want to develop other extensions with access to Melody data. It also allows us to write more complicated functions for getting specific details without slowing down the programme.

The new version also has a new template api. This brings together the code we've developed for our templates and make them accessible to anyone who wants to develop their own template so that they can bring the various elements in with a simple api call.

Melody 2.1 also contains the JSON api that we've been developing over the last few months in Melody 2.0. This gives developers the option of grabbing Melody data easily and simply from applications outside of your Joomla site - such as church apps.

For more details on this please check out our developers doc page.


Alongside Melody 2.1 we are revamping our docs page for Melody. These include a Video tuturials area. While we are recording these we have linked users to relevant Preachit videos that show similar tasks to those carried out in Melody. Melody and Preachit have very similar functionality so we hope this proves useful while we are recording the tutorials in melody. The doc area also include a developers area where we will give guidance in using the API's and harnessing the power of the Melody engine.


For details on updating to the new version please check out our update page. You will need to update any templates and other extensions to Melody 2.1 compatible versions if you want to use the new component.

3rd Party Extensions

We have released a new version of the auto tweet plugin for Melody. This is available from the 3rd party area of the download centre.

Other releases

Please note we released a new version of Preachit 4.1 (4.1.2) over the last week. This contains some important bugfix and functionality fixes.

A big thanks to everyone who has been supporting this project by purchasing subscriptions. We really hope that this new version opens up the possibilities and flexibility of the component.