New betas

We've just released the latest round of beta releases for Preachit 4.1. Take a look in the download area to get hold of the packets.

This release includes some fixes in the main component and an update to the latest version of the teweb library. We've also released a beta for all of our Preachit templates so that you can try them out and see how they function.

This release also includes a couple of extra features:

  1. New logic for the amazon S3 integration. If you install the Amazon S3 SDK patch available through the beta area of the download centre and add your bucket region in the folder form you can benefit from the latest Amazon php SDK code. This means you can also upload and discover files on later Amazon servers such as eu-central-1.
  2. Function to write ID3 data. If you set the option in the component parameters then when you save a message the ID3 tags of compatible media will be written with the details form the form.

Not long now and we should have finished testing and have this for general release. However, for now we still advise you do not use it on a live site.