Updated Releases

Today we're excited to announce that we've released an updated version of Melody with a couple of new features and we've updated the teweb library in each of our Preachit packets.

New Features

The first new feature we've added in Melody is the ability to write the song form data to the ID3 tags of any compatible audio or video files. Compatible files are files that are stored locally and able to be written by the getID3 library - sorry mp4 and any derivatives such as m4a aren't compatible. By default this option is switched off, but it can be turned on in the Melody component options page.

The second new feature is the addition of an entry box for Amazon bucket region in the Amazon S3 tab of the folder form. This allows a user to enter an Amazon S3 bucket location which can then be used for forming the url for the file. Also, if you install the Amazon SDK patch - currently available in our beta download area - to work with the Teweb library then Melody will use the Amazon SDK for integration with your Amazon bucket in the popup media manager. This allows users to have full integration with buckets hosted on later servers such as eu-central-1.

Both of these features will also be present in Preachit 4.1 and are currently included in the beta version.