Latest round of release

We pleased to announce the latest round of releases. This includes a few bug fixes to Melody & Preachit - see the changelogs accessible through the menu at the right of the each extension's page on the site. We've also released the first beta of Preachit 4.1.

Preachit 4.1 marks a big step forward in putting the flexibility and power of Preachit in a way that can be harnessed simply and easily. Before we release the full product we are going to write a number of docs for developers outlining and explaining the various api's now present in Preachit.

The Beta channel also includes a beta version of the Chameleon, Centrifuge and Revolution template along with a beta version of the Frontend Admin Component and an Amazon S3 php SDK patch that allows integration with Amazon S3 across the regions when used with Preachit 4.1.

We hope this will increase the possibilities of what can be done with the Preachit engine.