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Songs of the Kingdom
Sun, Mar 11, 2012
Duration:37 mins 47 secs
Expectation makes the world of difference in how we pray. Here we explore David's reasons to be expectant in prayer.
Seeing Jesus
Sun, Mar 11, 2012
Duration:31 mins 49 secs
When Jesus was asked the wrong question he often answered the right one. Here the right question is: 'Am I saved?' But why is that such an important question to ask?
Sun, May 23, 2010
Duration:33 mins 39 secs
There are times when we feel low, when all we can do is groan. Is that ok? Where does God want to take us?
Sun, May 23, 2010
Duration:41 mins 12 secs
Tongues of fire. A rushing wind. Not the normal run of things. What does it all mean?
Seeing Jesus
Sun, May 02, 2010
Duration:37 mins 42 secs
There are many different opinions of Jesus. The challenge of the Bible and this passage is will you believe in the real one?
Sun, May 02, 2010
Duration:41 mins
One of the hardest things we face as Christians is maintaining the right balance between law & grace. This passage helps us because it reminds us how the law fits within the framework of the promise of salvation in Christ.
Sun, Apr 25, 2010
Duration:48 mins 27 secs
What is heaven like and who is it for? Two important questions.
Sun, Apr 25, 2010
Duration:36 mins 20 secs
Jesus Christ came to save, He came to save people who don't know they are lost, people who know they are lost and people who want to be lost. He came to save you
Sun, Apr 18, 2010
Duration:44 mins 35 secs
Has Jesus really done everything that is needed? Can we really be sure that we don't have to do anything to make sure God accepts us?