A life beyond

Hi, my name is Paul Kosciecha and I'm the person behind TE-webdesign, a project seeking to serve churches and Christian ministry.

TE-webdesign is not something that has come about over night. The extensions have taken hundreds of hours to create, but I am constantly aware that this is something God has given me as a spare time project. Along with being a husband and father, I'm the pastor of a Baptist Church near Peterborough, UK, called Whittlesey Baptist Church.

My family and I have been in Whittlesey since 2016 and it is a real privilege to serve God and His people. The web affords many opportunities for presenting the gospel of Jesus and I want to help churches to do that, but nothing can substitute the thrill of being part of a local church of Jesus Christ, meeting with God's people in God's presence, learning together and growing together in the love and grace of Jesus Christ.